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End-to-end solar solution specialists.
We’re a ‘take it to the people’ style sales team backed up by damn good technicians. We allow smart New Zealanders to harness what’s already theirs - the solar energy hitting their property.

Who we aren't

An energy company trying to look eco. A finance company looking to sign you up to a solar contract, or a solar manufacturer trying to flog our own branded products. We’re not experts in carpet, insulation, heat pumps or anything else, we’re experts in solar.

    • We help kiwi homes and businesses harness the free, zero emission solar energy hitting their roofs every day

We help kiwi homes and businesses harness the free, zero emission solar energy hitting their roofs every day

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Being solely focused on being an end-to-end solar solutions company gives our customers peace of mind knowing they’re dealing with the right crowd

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SEANZ Solar Optimiser now live

SEANZ Solar Optimiser Recently SEANZ (Sustainable Electricity Association of New Zealand) has recently launched an online step-by-step survey to help you optimise a system for your requirements and to understand the main factors that impact the savings you can make. The Solar Optimiser takes about 5 minutes to complete and you can check it out…

Solar for business - Scarborough Fare Herbs

Scarborough Fare Herbs Solar Installation Last month Skysolar were hard at work across the North Island installing photovoltaic solar systems both for homes and for businesses. Solar for business makes sense if your machinery or plant consumes a lot of energy from the power grid during daylight hours, like Scarborough Fare Herbs in South Auckland.…

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No home or family is exactly the same, which is why all our solar installations are designed to fit your home and your power needs. We don’t do solar based on specials or run out deals, we do solar based on what’s best for you.

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