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A SkySolar system harnesses the sun’s free radiant energy and provides power to your home or business. Excess power is returned to the grid, reducing bills from your energy suppliers. Your SkySolar technician will assess your power requirements (usually based on your annual power consumption) and plan a system to suit.

What you are looking to achieve is as close to complete reliance on your solar system to power your home or business, while still keeping your grid options open. Total solar systems are available – sometimes referred to as ‘Off Grid’. We can discuss this with you as these systems don’t suit every application. SkySolar is actively working with our international partners on highly efficient total solar solutions tailored to New Zealand conditions.

All SkySolar systems are engineered to be upgradable to the latest total solar technology as soon as it becomes cost effective here. Hybrid systems are also coming on stream – this means you can still be connected to the grid but also have battery back-up to use in the evenings or when there is a power cut.

Talk to us first about total solar and hybrid options as there are technology advances and cost benefits evolving every day.

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