Your badge of honour

Becoming a proud solar kiwi


We all have in common, the numerous benefits the sun gives us – growth, replenishment, warmth and power.

Similarities end there – as every home, business, school or clubrooms has the opportunity to benefit from a bespoke SkySolar Solar Power plan. Commercial buildings have exciting options for solar panel sites – creating a ‘badge of honour’ with visible panels on parapets, vertical walls and as part of an architectural feature.

The cost of energy from all sources is on the rise. In New Zealand we are lucky enough to have naturally renewable resources we can use to our advantage – hydropower accounts for 55% of our total energy production. However, coal and gas still provide a large portion of our country’s energy demand – resulting in large amounts of greenhouse gas emissions to meet our energy needs. Great news – New Zealand homes are exposed to 20 – 30 times more sunshine per year than they actually use in electricity or gas.

No surprise then, that solar panel installations are on the increase and solar power systems are seen as adding immense value to a home, the neighbourhood and … our country.

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