Rent or buy solar - choosing wisely

By SkySolar

Do I rent or buy solar?

The decision to rent or buy solar to power your home or business with solar energy starts with the desire to break from the energy status-quo. Rising power bills combined with increasing power usage for power hungry electronic devices, including EV’s, can sway you into considering solar. After all the energy hitting your property is free, and if not used, goes to waste heating your roof or pavement, or helps to grow grass.

So you’ve decided to look into Solar. A wee bit of online research will show you you’ve really got two options – rent (pay nothing upfront on a twenty year contract), or buy outright. With SkySolar, you buy outright, and for a few fairly good reasons. Locking yourself into a solar contract can have it’s cons – the least of which is the fact that you may or may not live at your property for the next twenty years. Good luck trying to convince the next homeowner to pay your solar fees. If they don’t want to, you’re stuck paying to remove the panels and re-installing at your new place, or you’re faced with an upfront payment of the remainder of your agreed 20 year term. This can be tens of thousands.

Buying outright with SkySolar

With an outright purchase, you’ll want to see one thing above all – return on investment. With twenty five year product warranties on our panels, rest assured you can calculate your savings over this period safely. When you book an in-home solar assessment with SkySolar, our technicians discuss your power usage based on your energy bills. The amount required to power your home will differ depending on your home and your family’s power needs, so a system will be designed and quoted around this. The cost of that system will then be used to calculate a return on investment period. These figures make a financial decision clear cut, and are a big part of the insight we provide prior to a decision being made.

An outright buy can be financed easily, but this is the only contract you’ll see.

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