The Giant Solar Show 2016

By SkySolar

Austrian Smartflower on display.

At this year’s giant solar show, Solar 2016, the future of clean and cheap solar energy was discussed and displayed.

The criteria for success of a solar future was based on the following continuation of five trends:

  • The Germans and the Chinese are dramatically transitioning to renewable energy by government edict. This has massively lowered down costs for the masses through innovation and mass production.
  • The Americans are adopting and developing viable solar “distributed power” units at an increasing rate. They have a do-it-yourself and market-based approach designed to effectively reduce or free residences and industries from any dependency on grids or utilities.
  • “Distributed power” is being adopted by developing countries led by China. Now, two-thirds of renewable development is underway in developing nations.
  • Perovskite, a breakthrough material will be introduced next year and will bring down solar cell costs and massively increase efficiency.
  • Battery storage technology is also advancing dramatically that under three years, anyone with renewable power generation such as a rooftop solar system will be able to go off grid.

Two exciting solar and storage systems were on display at the solar show: one by JLM Energy in Arizona and another called Smartflower from Austria.

JLM is doing a pilot project in Arizona on 75 homes. Its four-foot by nine-inch battery pack hangs on a wall. It is connected to the rooftop solar system with software that can allow consumers to set a monthly budget in power costs from the grid. While the Austrian “Smartflower” system is a solar and storage system. This beautiful freestanding device, an 18-foot-high petal-shaped unit can be installed in an hour and can be moved anytime. The “Smartflower” opens like a blossom at sunrise and shuts at sunset and moves with the sun during the day.

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