What does it cost?

Weighing up the investment


Every system is different, but the one thing that doesn’t change is how shocked most are at how cheap it is now to create your own solar power station.

The power issue

The cost of energy from all sources is on the rise. Here in New Zealand we are lucky enough to have naturally renewable resources we can use to our advantage like our rivers – our hydropower accounts for 55% of our total energy production. However, coal and gas still provide a large portion of our country’s energy demand. There is increasing pressure on fossil fuel reserves and sustainable outcomes.

A solar future

Two things have happened in the past twenty years – the cost of power has nearly doubled, and the cost of domestic solar technology has halved. It makes sense to grab your slice of the action and power your home with zero emission solar energy.

What your SkySolar System will cost

Naturally, this depends on a few things. The size and location of your home, your power usage, and your choice of panels.
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It’s not just what you’re saving in the pocket that counts

With a photovoltaic solar installation you have a free, zero emission alternative power source, which saves you paying for grid power. Let’s remember though what we’re really saving – our environment. Zero-emission energy is such an important part of creating a cleaner society and reducing our carbon footprint.


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