Hybrid solar-battery trial at capacity

By SkySolar

Hybrid solar-battery system trial with Contact Energy

As you may know from recent posts, SkySolar have partnered with the Wellington City Council, Wellington Electricity, and Contact Energy to perform a hybrid solar-battery trial in areas of Wellington. Offering 25 homeowners a discounted system plus the extra motivation of a cash bonus every year they take part in the trial. Contact Energy will have remote access to each of the 25 home batteries over a 2 year period. The trial is designed to test a network of home batteries helping community power supply in the event of an accident or disaster.

The response to our promotional offer has been exceptional and we are now at full capacity. We have already reached our 25 customer limit and apologise to those of you in Wellington who have missed out on this occasion. The trial may be fully booked, but the decision to go solar is still yours to make. A hybrid solar-battery system for your home not only ensures your power supply is safeguarded in the event of an emergency, disaster, or grid power outage, but it immediately decreases your power bills and your home’s carbon footprint.

In the winter months it is crucial to your comfort at home to consume more power. A hybrid solar-battery system from SkySolar is an ideal way to store the free solar energy hitting your property every day for use when you most require it. Not only can SkySolar offer this as a solution, but we can also offer PowerGenius that literally programs power points to run appliances and devices when solar energy is available – perfect for those power hungry devices that only need to run sporadically (pool pumps, spas, deep freezes, etc). A combination of the latest in solar technology, installed by the experts at SkySolar, will have you and your family living comfortably on solar power. Get in touch if that sounds like a good idea to you.

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