Staff Feature: Mike Ward

By SkySolar


Mike Ward

Business Development Manager
Been at SkySolar for 2 years and 2 months
From: Whangarei, Northland
Lives: North Shore, Auckland


Love making a difference in people’s lives- saving 50-60% of their power bill is a great way to achieve this.

Previous Work Experience:
10 years Medical Device Sales and Management.

Watching my children at Rowing / Dancing, Cricket, Golf, Rugby, Good Humour, Dining Out, Good Drivers, Quality Solar

Crap Solar (See Facebook), Bad Drivers, Offal, Mushrooms

2 of these are true- one, not so much:
1. Went on a Solo Flight and ended up landing on the wrong runway- not once but twice.
2. Once ended up stranded in Munich Airport after a large day / night at Oktoberfest because the airline we were booked on went into receivership.
3. Held the lap record at Bathurst for a non-professional driver for 14 months.

1. To sell the biggest solar system in New Zealand.
2. Would love to go to India and follow a full IPL tournament, go to the Masters at Augusta.

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