Solar Farming

Solar power for agriculture and horticulture

Running your farm on solar power

Solar farming makes a lot of sense. Every day both horticulture and agriculture businesses in New Zealand harness natural resources to grow crops and livestock. Why not harness the sun’s energy to provide all your electricity needs?

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Solar Farming Long Term benefits:

  • It pays for itself over time, then it’s all savings
  • Your badge of honour in a sustainability-focused country
  • Add value and brag factor to your farm

Immediate Benefits:

  • A drastic reduction in your monthly power costs
  • Reduce your farm’s carbon footprint
  • Reduce risk of grid power price increases affecting your bottom line
  • Immediate visual appeal of a well engineered and installed system

Solar options for your farm

Grid Tied

Grid-Tied-Solar-for-FarmingSolar panels, inverter and wiring set up to generate power during daylight hours and export the excess back to grid. You use grid power when solar isn’t available.


Hybrid-Solar-for-FarmingHybrid systems include a home battery to store solar energy for use at night or during a power cut. Reduces your reliance on grid energy but it is still available as a ‘last resort’.

Off Grid

Solar-for-Farming-Off-GridA complete break from grid power with your panels, inverter and battery being the sole source of energy to power your home.

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Download an info pack and learn more about solar farming with zero-emission energy

Download Solar for Farming PDF

Worried about the cost?

Don’t be, before any decision is made we will fully outline the cost of the system, the savings it will generate, and help you arrange any finance required.

At SkySolar we are believers in owning your own system, not renting or leasing it. Options are available for either outright purchase or we can tailor a financial package to suit your cash-flow. In most cases the energy savings generated will balance the payments on the system installed

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