A few common questions

How much are the running costs?

A SkySolar grid tied system will save you money – there are no running costs. A one-off investment provides power savings for decades to come.

What are the maintenance costs?

Because there are no moving parts and no servicing required, there are no maintenance costs or hassles bar the occasional cleaning of the panels to keep the surface soaking in as much sun as possible.

We have comprehensive warranties to avoid nasty surprise costs popping up.

Can I go off grid?

Of course you can. We can specify an off-grid system for you at our home visit.

Can I use solar energy during a power cut?

Not unless you have an off grid or hybrid system – and for a good reason. Workers fixing the problem that has caused the power-cut need a safe and power-free environment. Your SkySolar grid-tied system distributes power back into the grid when it isn’t being used in your home. This creates a danger while the power grid is being worked on, so your SkySolar system will not operate during power cuts.

Will I get a credit on my bill?

The SkySolar system has the ability to dramatically lower your power bill, but if you do use normal grid power, you will be charged at the normal rate. When your SkySolar system is producing power – you are not paying a cent for it.

In some areas you may receive a credit for the distribution of power back into the grid, it depends which power company you are with and we can advise you about this at our home visit.

Can I store my power so I can use it at night?

Yes you can.

These are called Hybrid systems – where you have a grid-tied panel solution along with a battery storage facility. We can talk to you about this when we visit your home.

Can the system be put anywhere?

We have mounting systems to suit most roof types and even field installation set-ups when roof space isn’t ideal or available.

What does the warranty cover?

Product Warranty:

SkySolar solar panels all have a 25 year output warranty from the Manufacturer.

All other components, such as the Inverter and mounting system, also come with extensive Manufacturer-backed warranties.

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