Solar for Schools

Running your school on solar energy


100% renewable. 0% deposit.

For schools looking to finance all or part of a solar install, we tailor an ideal solution to be spend-neutral. This means we aim to offset all finance costs with power savings. This allows you to take action without increasing operating expenditure or putting down a deposit, and pocket the power savings in the future once the system is paid off.

Going solar isn’t just a financial decision, it’s about reducing your school’s carbon footprint and adopting sustainable energy sources to protect our environment for the next generation.

What better place to start teaching the next generation about sustainable energy than their school?

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Solar school long term benefits:

  • It pays for itself over time, then it’s all savings
  • Your school’s badge of honour in a sustainability-focused country
  • Add brag factor to your school
  • Educate your students about sustainable, zero emission energy

Immediate benefits:

  • A drastic reduction in your monthly power costs
  • Reduce your school’s carbon footprint
  • Reduce risk of grid power price increases negatively affecting your budgets
  • Immediate visual appeal of a well engineered and installed system

Solar options for your school

Grid Tied


Solar panels, inverter and wiring set up to generate power during daylight hours and export the excess back to grid. You use grid power when solar isn’t available.



Hybrid systems include a home battery to store solar energy for use at night or during a power cut. Reduces your reliance on grid energy but it is still available as a ‘last resort’.

Case Study: Riverview School, Kerikeri

Kerikeri’s Riverview School has approximately 420 students in Years 1-6 and has nine blocks – made up of 18 classrooms, a school hall, a swimming pool complex, and an administration block. Riverview has become the first school in New Zealand to utilise the PowerGenius energy management system offered by SkySolar, after installing a 51 panel SkySolar system earlier this year to help save money on its power and to educate children about power conservation. The system developed for Riverview enables the students to analyse and compare power used by the day, the week, the month and the year across each block of the school.

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Download an info pack and learn more about becoming a solar powered school

Download Solar Schools PDF

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