Solar Power Rotorua

Want cheap and eco-friendly power? Call SkySolar today and let us show you all the benefits of a solar panel Rotorua. Cheaper power bills are only a call away.

Known for being one of New Zealand’s most beautiful locations, it comes as no surprise that Rotorua is among our country’s leaders when it comes to embracing eco-friendly energy sources. Here at SkySolar, we proudly provide Kiwis with a solution to environmentally friendly energy, through the form of a fully functional solar panel Rotorua. As your specialist in solar energy, we are here to provide you with effective and efficient solar power, that is only beneficial for the environment, but also saves our customers up to 15% off their power bills.

Our SkySolar system harnesses radiant solar energy, converting it into electricity for your home, without releasing harmful emissions into the environment. This additional solar energy also means that you will consume less energy from external sources, resulting in reduced power bills – who doesn’t want smaller power bills? Give SkySolar a call today and we will help you in installing a solar panel Rotorua wide. Let us show you the way toward cheaper and more eco-friendly energy.


  • Reduce Power Cost
  • Clean & Sustainable
  • Pays for itself
  • Installation Site Options
  • Easy Ownership Options
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