SkySolar success with the largest commercial solar system in Canterbury

By SkySolar

Misco Joinery in Kaiapoi celebrated the official launch of their new 535 panel, 153kW commercial solar installation this week.

Present to witness the ribbon cutting were SkySolar’s Canterbury division, SkySolar HQ Directors Cameron King and Mike Ward, Taspac Energy Director and SEANZ Board member Dwayne Cocker, and Misco Director Glenn Colenso and the Misco Joinery team, among other invited guests.

Picked up by Scoop and other sources, the system is currently the largest commercial solar installation in Canterbury.

The system will generate the equivalent of 27 average households, around 65% of the joinery factory’s total energy consumption.

Statistics Misco can be proud of, although they may well prove a perfect example of a clever kiwi business investing in solar, and be overtaken by other Canterbury businesses looking to follow in their footsteps.

Install details:

  • 153 kW solar to grid system
  • 535 x 285W REC solar modules
  • 7 x Fronius 20kW 3 phase inverters
  • The largest commercial solar installation in Canterbury at time of install
  • Estimated 16.1% return on investment

565 REC solar modules now adorn the roof of Misco Joinery’s factory in Kaiapoi, Canterbury.

Prior to cutting the ribbon and officially launching the system, both Dwayne Cocker (Taspac Energy, SEANZ) and Glenn Colenso (Misco) gave short speeches, both understandably positive about Misco’s decision to go solar.

Misco Director Glenn Colenso talking to Phil LePoidevin, Director SkySolar Canterbury, and Cameron King, Director SkySolar NZ.

Misco Director Glenn Colenso shakes the hand of Dwayne Cocker, Director Taspak Energy and Board Member of SEANZ, as he cuts the ribbon and offocially ‘opens’ the new installation.

Commercial solar market starting to move rapidly according to SEANZ Board Member Dwayne Cocker

“It’s awesome that Misco has invested into the next 25+ years of your energy generation. You’re obviously starting to see great returns already, which is what we’re seeing around the country with schools, local government and councils really jump on the solar band wagon as well.

This year the amount of activity going on in the commercial solar market has been going through the roof. We’re really starting to see that tipping point now. Obviously with this install currently being the largest in Canterbury, well done to Misco for really taking the lead. I’m sure we’ll see more large commercial solar systems go into Canterbury in the near future as a result.”

Dwayne Cocker, Director Taspak Energy and Board Member of SEANZ

Misco Joinery Director couldn’t be happier

“SkySolar has been great to deal with, right from the time the installers came on site and respecting us, all the way to the end. I’d be really happy to endorse you guys. We couldn’t be happier with what you guys have done.

We’re pretty proud of this building, we’ve put a lot of heart and soul into it. It’s been 31 years now to get to where Misco is today, and this commercial solar addition is something we can be proud of. Hopefully the sun keeps shining and we can gift a lot of energy back to the community.

We saw a good investment and we moved on it, but you guys made it happen. It’s been a great experience all the way through so you guys can pat yourselves on the back for that, well done.”

Glenn Colenso, Director Misco Joinery

A big congratulations to Glenn and his team at Misco Joinery on their awesome achievement. It was a pleasure helping make it a reality.

Business thinking about going solar?

SkySolar invites and encourages any kiwi business that wants to invest in solar energy to contact us or take our Commercial Solar Survey. Especially in Canterbury if you want to take the title of Canterbury’s largest solar install off Misco!

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