Launch of the largest hybrid solar system in NZ

By SkySolar

SkySolar are proud to launch the largest hybrid solar system in NZ – spanning 1018 panels and a 290kWh battery bank, installed for A&G Price in Thames. This is our biggest project to date and certainly the most advanced system in the country.

*Edits: 1018 x panels, 36 x batteries.

“I would like to say how proud we are at Skysolar to have designed and built New Zealand’s largest hybrid solar system and to do it alongside A&G Price, one of New Zealand’s oldest businesses.”

– Cameron King, SkySolar Commercial Director

largest hybrid solar system in NZ

Above: Aerial view of A&G Price.

Giving the Power Back

The solar panels will generate 38% of the electricity that the foundry consumes and the batteries will reduce the demand spikes, which doubles the reduction in electricity costs. The amount of electricity being produced on site means less electricity is being drawn from the grid, easing the network. This releases pressure particularly in the surrounding Thames community and wider Coromandel area. For information on another large commercial system make sure you check out Misco Joinery in Kaiapoi.

Tech Specs

  • 1,018 Trina Solar 310W Monocrystalline PV Panels across 3 arrays = 315kW Solar System
  • 7 x Fronius Eco 3Phase 25kW AC Inverters
  • 1 x 100kW Storion Alpha Hybrid Inverter with integrated Battery Management Unit
  • 36 x 8kWh Storion DC Battery Modules with EPS capacity = 290kWh Battery Bank

Above: Cameron King from SkySolar all smiles next to the hybrid storage inverter.

Above: Mike Ward, SkySolar Director, demonstrates to the owner of A&G Price how to track the power use in real time through an app.

Thinking Green

The significant reduction in electricity costs from using solar energy increases business profitability. Additionally, it provides a boost to the sustainability profile of the company, which in turn opens up new sales channels. Supply chain sustainability is attracting attention from the international marketplace. Where increasingly, consumers are much more aware of how their products are made, where they are made and the sustainability of each piece of the supply chain.

“I think it’s a game changer for not just A&G Price but also for our community here at Thames.”

– Mayor Sandra Goudie, Coromandel

Above: Cam and Mike with Chris Talbot and Aaron Gillon representatives from Trina who were the photovoltaic panel suppliers.

A Proud Moment

SkySolar is very proud to work with A&G Price, one of the oldest businesses in New Zealand. The success of this large hybrid solar project is a testament to A&G Price’s 150 year heritage. The way in which they have embraced change and technology throughout their history, is the reason for why A&G price is still going strong today. Making the switch to solar is all about the future generations.

“You have given us the gift that keeps giving.”

-Mayor Sandra Goudie, Coromandel

Above: Mayor Sandra Goudie speaking to the crowd at the launch.

Above: Brian Donnelly who has worked here since starting his apprenticeship at A&G Price in 1965, cuts the ribbon with the grandchildren of the owner of A&G Price.

Business thinking about going solar?

SkySolar encourages any kiwi business that would like to understand the returns to be gained from solar energy projects, to contact us or take our Commercial Solar Survey. Especially if you want to take the title of largest solar project off A&G Price!

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